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Winter Memories

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Tree climbing











Winter fun came along as a child jumping, running and crashing into each other with frozen forts and snow ball wars.


The fun was amazing as you wished for more and more snow to sustain your icy ways, and you never felt cold because you were so bundled up in a structured and layered way that did not allow for much movement but you did not care about anything but fun in the snow.


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I have found that I am  not a very trusting person; blaming it on past experiences that brought about grief, anger and sadness to my life.

Knowing that I have been taken for granted many times along the way; being  lied to with a smile and dictated to on what I need to do in order for someone to love me, I moved along thinking and believing that things would change but they did not.

I took to not trusting even myself for decisions.


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Rolls and rolls of neatly piled veggies!

It seems that helpers need assistance too.

Maybe you are a person who helps all the time and feel empty at the end of the day. If this is you, it is your turn to be assisted by others.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you will not be able to go on being the helper without some replenishment.


Replenishment can come in different forms such as taking your time at an open market to touch, feel and smell the fresh  vegetables and fruits.

You will know when you are ready

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It takes time to make the changes you may be contemplating to begin.
Beginnings are not easy, procrastination always seems to set into your inner soul  especially when it may be a difficult decision to make in your life.
“I ponder for a long time before I make decisions because I want it to work for me,” said Gloria.
“But if you wait too long, it may become too difficult to make the decision and then some emotional pain sets  in and you are unable to move on.  You may even  get stuck in situations where you feel like quick sand is all around you,” said Dee.


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Capturing everything




Giving and receiving 
You may need to give back in some way that shows the other person how strongly you feel about them. It does not have to be a physical gift. It could be the gift of listening to someone, or just taking a long walk down a path together. Whatever it is that you give will be appreciated by the receiver.