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Where are you?

Where are you?


“I am here for you now because you were always there for me,” said Gloria in a soft whispering voice that rang clear in Dee’s heart. Gloria was always there, even in spirit, rising above she watches and loves everyone she touches.



“It is about me right now,” said Dee in a concerned voice, remembering the past and trying not to think too much about the future. “What would Gloria do if she were here with me?”
Decision-making seems tough in the younger years but as you age the difficulties continue on you way through life.
Be like the a stream, following the path of least resistance in a comfortable way riding past everything in life.

Wouldn’t Life Be Grand?

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Wouldn’t life be grand if everything happened in perfect ways?

perfectly still

perfectly still

We knew exactly what we wanted, put it into our wish list and it came true.
Everything we ever wanted in life was right at our fingertips waiting for us to unwrap the gift; everything was there, all we had to do was choose which present to open. Do we take the shiny one with the red ribbon, or the gold and silver present with the foil wrap? And then you think that it does not really matter which gift you take first because they are all yours.

What Energizes You ?

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With all the talent, going to the fair can be very energizing.

With all the talent, going to the fair can be very energizing.


When it comes to energy, and where it is, you usually don’t think about how you are energy to be tapped into?
In his book on Yin Yoga, author Bernie Clark speaks on how yoga can bring about energies in your body to be tapped into, every time that you move in and out of asanas and every single time you make a movement.


This bioelectricity can help to save our bones because every time we move, it stresses our bones, and this is good for us, especially weight bearing exercise such as walking.