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Tiny Butterfly

Jul 18th, 2014 Posted in Healing Ways | no comment »

Today when a tiny white butterfly dropped its little body on the ground right in from of me as I took my daily walk, it told me to wake up and tell people about spirit.

I decided today that it was time to write about the other side of life because death is just another aspect of living. Life has so many phases and when you begin to accept that death is just part of the your life, you become more in harmony with the world and what it has to offer you. And if you believe in reincarnation then death is not final only another piece of the puzzle of living life well.

Just Like Mom

Apr 26th, 2014 Posted in Path of Enlightenment | no comment »

I want to be like my mom because she was so tolerant of everyone, even those people who she should not have even spoken to, she never let them know how she felt. She was like her name; an angel who could not hurt anything; someone there for everyone.

Trees are just beautiful, even without spring buds. They dance in front of our eyes, as the blue sky peeks through

Trees are just beautiful. They dance in front of our eyes, as the blue sky peeks through

And it was not as if she was holding onto things or holding things inside, it was just the way she was.