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Mindful times

Jan 21st, 2015 Posted in Yoga and other Alternative Modalities | no comment »

Mindful and healing ways

When I think mindfully sometimes shiny colors come to mind

When I think mindfully sometimes  visions of shiny colors come to mind

When you become mindful of everything around you then you can move toward one-pointedness where you become mindful of just one thought or breath.

In this way, you can begin to slow yourself and your body down; lowering your blood pressure, heart rate and breath. You can also lower your stress and anxiety though some mindful, healing ways because you are slow and quiet.






And you thought they were mindless tasks

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I always wondered why my mother swept the driveway when she could have used a blower to sweep the leaves away, and I wondered why she made so many blankets; sitting quietly not even watching her stitches.
They were not just mindless tasks; they were mindful.

Standing behind a tree just gazing

Standing behind a tree just gazing

When you are mindful, you think about nothing but your current focus; other distractions are let go of and you get back to your flow of the moment.