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Full of life

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Become full of life and healing energy

By the creek lies some beautiful snow scenes

By the creek lies some beautiful snow scenes

Just when you think that you had enough bad stuff, a thought comes in your mind that is filled with good moments.

When I want a good moment to enter my soul, I always think of my children. Their growing up years are fun to think back to as they run across the grass on a sunny, summer day playing princess. The girls played princess and the boys loved playing on the beach which got them into many problems. I remember one sunny afternoon when the boys were on a raft behind our home. The lake was beautiful, a calm, still blue lake day. But then the waves kicked up and the boys soared out further, and they could not get back.


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The Skill of Waiting

Patience is difficult, for yourself and with others.

You may wait for someone, impatiently tapping your foot because you think that they are taking too long trying on a new dress.

Or you may be impatient with yourself; trying to hold onto something like fixing the parts on your coffee pot to make it work but it still spills the grounds in the wrong spot.

So do you buy another one or do you keep on trying to patiently fix the one you have?

Powerful times

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Powerful living

Getting your power back can be an ongoing passion where you walk strongly down your path; gaining some balance and harmony in your daily tasks that become meaningful and loving for you and others as you move yourself forward gaining strength.

You have found powerful balance even in troubled times

You have found powerful balance even in troubled times

This power you have found is keeping your head up, back straight and strong against the stillness of a cold winter’s day and then it brings on the powerful grit you need to become a presence to others as you send positive vibrations and energy through yourself into another.

Empathic living

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I try to put myself in your place and when I do, I begin to understand the way you feel about me. You are my reflection and it may be cloudy sometimes with all the foggy days in our lives when I thought we were one, but you were gone and I did not even know it. Gone in mind and spirit, but physically present for me to believe you were still here. And as I think of you, I cannot help believing that I am you too because you are a reflection of me and some of the bad times we have given each other. We are one, the same person reflecting the good and bad times.

When I breathe in

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When I breathe in and breathe out, I relax my body, mind and soul. It is a slow cleansing  inhale, counting to 5; it encompasses my entire being, as my shoulders rise to accommodate this large, deep breath; holding my breath for a moment, and then releasing it for a very long exhale, counting to 7 to get all of it out of my mind, body and soul.

Everything is released and I feel like the weight that was on my shoulders is gone. I am calm, serene and balanced for the moment.