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Old Souls

Jan 4th, 2017 Posted in A Spiritual Path | 2 comments »

Old souls are like trees that grow very slowly, touching the earth with their beauty and grace


“I believe I am an old soul who has been around for many years.  I have been in touch with my inner self and I count on it for inspiration and insight. I know that soulful ways are developed as are many skills we learn in life. And I have learned many lessons that have brought me to a center of calmness and graceful movements like a swaying and crackling  branch on a strong, yet flexible tree that catches a warm summer breeze,” said Gloria as she gazed at the coldness of a winter day with its forceful winds that spray sparkles of icy whiteness, shimmering in the sunlight.

Believe it or not stories

Jul 21st, 2016 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »
windmills spin circling stories around for everyone to think about

windmills spin circling stories around for everyone to think about


I am a storyteller; loving life writing about both sad and happy times in my life. Some of my writings are total fiction, some have a little of me in them and some of my stories are completely confabulated in my mind.

I do not know completely why I write but it helps me to settle things down in my soul.
If you read what I write it may help you or it may not because you have to take what I say and personalize it to fit you.

Life Loves’

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Walking with you by the edge of the water

Walking with you by the water’s edge

When I heard someone speak on loves of a lifetime I thought, ” I never had that.” All of my loves in life left me by the wayside; struggling themselves with their own issues, claiming that I was the only one, but I was not.

Moving on…
“He was the love of my life,” is something you do not hear often because people just don’t stick it out with partners anymore. They may believe that the grass is greener or that there is something more than what they are experiencing right now and that is why they move on.

Shadows, Darkness and Light

Nov 20th, 2015 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »

It was at my grandma’s funeral that I first learned about darkness and light. I discovered that there is an in-between called a shadow that seems to hover nearby finding you when you need it. It becomes your own personal shadow; you know the one that follows you throughout life; allowing you some peace even in times of darkness.

You can feel it right now if you take the time in meditation or prayer where you find that centered moment with your breath. And you breath in and out very slowly; telling yourself softly that you will stay in this moment because it is the only one you have right now.

Love thoughts

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Different stages of love

There are different developmental stages of your love life and many people think that things stay the same throughout the years, but they do not.

Life is definitely different later in life but I did not realize that I would stumble on the same relationship problems as I did when I was younger. I thought that getting older meant I would have an easier time staying, committing and loving. Wrong again!

This sounds confusing, but some of us expect not to have to work as hard on a relationship once you reach a ripe old age, but you do.