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May 21st, 2016 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »
Climb those steps to the top of your wonder.

Climb those steps to the top of your wonder

Release yourself from the certain.
There is nothing in life that lasts forever. The good, mediocre and bad pass along the same way. They release and become your past. Why not make some good memories in your life that cause you to smile?

That quiet day with nothing to do or that busy day are just one more step in you life, some giving you answers and some not, but is it answers that you are looking for?





Smile time

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Smile even when you are sad because a smile can and does change your mood

Beauty gardens

Beauty gardens

Smile at a stranger today, saying hello and asking how their day is going.
Listen to your inner voice telling you to make  changes you need to make so that life becomes a simple way to exist without the headache of having too many things you do not need, or having too many errands that you really do not need to be doing. Leading a stressful life can be self-induced by adding too many things to your calendar. Pace yourself and begin a moderate way about yourself in everything, and then you will be smiling because you will not feel rushed about anything in life.

Caught in the rain

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Get wet once in awhile

It is good to let the rain pour onto your body, and it feels great when the rain water is warm; a soothing way to feel calm and in touch with yourself on a day when the sun is not shining.

People are always running away from rain when they should love to get wet once in awhile. Rain is the cleansing of the earth just as tears are.

It is hard to learn to like things that you feel are uncomfortable but you can. Just like people who are different than you; you may get stuck in a rut of only being with like minds!

Just a ride in the country

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I was riding my bike on a country road and spotted a deer

The deer was prancing and dancing, stopped in a beautiful meadow and took a look at me, surrounded by beautiful green grass.

I thought it was just coincidental until he started to run along the side of me as I road my bike like he was riding along.

It was a moment in time; especially when he stayed along side of me, he did it 3 times, so I had to think he was trying to play with me. the colors and beauty of the deer froze me into the moment. I could not think of anything else for quite some time that day. All I could think was I wish I had my camera because no one will believe this one!

Take a Close Up

Aug 2nd, 2013 Posted in Mental Wellness | one comment »
Here is my best close up. What beauty there is when you look at something like nature very close up!

Here is my best close up. What beauty there is when you look at something like nature very close up!




Take a close look at what you are doing right now. You don’t want to miss out on the things in life that you want to do. Putting things off, or lacking the confidence to do something can really get in the way, and before you know it, life passes you by.