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Old Souls

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Old souls are like trees that grow very slowly, touching the earth with their beauty and grace


“I believe I am an old soul who has been around for many years.  I have been in touch with my inner self and I count on it for inspiration and insight. I know that soulful ways are developed as are many skills we learn in life. And I have learned many lessons that have brought me to a center of calmness and graceful movements like a swaying and crackling  branch on a strong, yet flexible tree that catches a warm summer breeze,” said Gloria as she gazed at the coldness of a winter day with its forceful winds that spray sparkles of icy whiteness, shimmering in the sunlight.

Mistaken Mysteries

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Green moments


When you look back at things in life you may see them in a different way; finding good things about something that may have been not so good for you. Or you may find some pleasant moments in the past that gives you a smile.
Your circumstances change in life and you look at things differently as you grow older; finding that nothing is perfect and you would not want it that way.  You want loving and still times to settle down to a calmness of living life well.



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Seeing something beautiful and simple

Seeing something beautiful and simple


Have a silent wave of time today where you listen to your inner self.
Go to that place and find some clarity in the moment that you create just for you.



Do a silent and slow walk as slow as you possibly can; concentrating only on heel and toe effort at walking. Thinking only gets in the way, therefore, silence that inner voice so that you can really hear and listen to what is going on.
When you lift yourself from this silent wave of blue, yellow, pink and purple hues you will be refreshed and ready for the day.

Softness of a rose

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Softness of a red rose

Softness of a red rose

There are many ways to be.

You can be bold and loud; keeping others away from you.

You can try to be in the middle where you do not tell it all through your words and motions, but others know where you are within a few moments.

Or you can be as soft as a rose petal with its soft ways and strong stems that can prick your fingers with its thorns if you are not careful.
“I try to be soft and subtle, a place where people feel welcome to visit my inner being,” said Gloria.

Soft changes approach

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The tiny bits of autumn in its glory

Time for changes


As the cooler weather approaches bringing with it a smooth sort of freshness in the air, you can take a deep breath of cinnamon and clover as the leaves fall softly from the trees.