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Staying in the present

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Just a tree?

Just a tree?

And then focus on the right now.
The longer you stay focused on what will happen in the future or the bad things that are happening now or in  the past, the more you stay unhappy, confused and fearful.

Take a look at what is right before your eyes such as the texture of a tree with its swaying branches and rough texture; shading you from the sun and posing for you any time you need to see the beauty of nature.


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This present moment

Bring  presence into your life by being still for a moment and breathing  light into your soul. Sit in meditation with your legs folded in easy pose (cross-legged)  and your hands, palms up above your knees catching energy from the Universe. Close your eyes for a moment and concentrate only on slowing yourself down right now in the moment. Stay here for what may seem like a long time but it is not. Do this practice every day upon waking and your calmness, mellow thoughts and balance will be yours for this present moment in time.

You are what your send to the world

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Sending it to the universe

You are the beam of light that shows us the way

You are the beam of light that shows us the way



Yes, you are all about what you send to the universe. If you are kind, loving and caring that is what people will think when they remember you.

If you are angry, hateful and distrustful, that can also be your persona that others speak on.
What would you rather be remembered as?
If it is a kind, gentle person, then you better get started on how you are going to change yourself in order to be remembered with a smile.

Open, Connected To Others and Grounded to the Earth

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Just sitting in the woods watching

Just sitting in the woods watching

 Being In the Woods can be quiet, harmonious and revealing


I went on my first yoga retreat this past weekend.

I have gone to one other retreat, a silent one, and  it was also very revealing.

I guess one does not realize how much the spoken word is used in our lives. It gives you a new perspective on communication when you need to remain silent. You find that your senses are sharper, such as touch, eye contact and gestures.


In silence you also become centered with your internal self.