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Tears are needed at times to clear everything from your system

And tears are there for the good times and the bad times; helping you to get back to your center in life.

It is a cleansing mechanism that your body has to clear out the toxins and wastes.

It seems like a medical way of talking about tears, and some people believe that you should hold back tears and not let anything bother you.

I find that just the opposite is true; I  need to talk about good and bad things in life; and the perfect things that happen bring about tears. Examples include the birth of a child. How can something so perfect happen to human beings?


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Every once in a while I listen to the silence of things. That is why I grow herbs. They silently help me, and along the way I get to enjoy their potent smells and medicinal ways!

Sage helps with so many ailments- even the night sweats of menopause

Sage helps with so many ailments- even the night sweats of menopause

When I was younger I felt like I never had silence in my life. I always had children around me, making noise and chattering! I loved to hear their tiny voices and still enjoy it when I am with my grandchildren.
The difference now is that I also enjoy the silence. Not having to speak early in the day is one of my favorite times.
And in the summertime I can sit on my back porch and just be; watching my herbs and greeting the sunny days.

Get into the Green

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Growing things has helped me in many ways. As a gardener, I reap the benefits of being outdoors in the sunshine; offering me a natural Vitamin D aid along with the exercise I get and the spiritual pleasures of growing life. Yesterday a friend gave me some basil to grow in my garden. Now I can 3 pots of basil, how glorious it is!

And the best part about growing is how healing it can be to your mind, body and soul.

Basil, a wonderful herbal treatment

Basil, a wonderful herbal treatment


 Growing life

Happy Greens for your Health and Wellness

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Growing in the Summertime is so much fun!

Here are a few of my greener than green things!



I plant a few things in the spring to get in touch with my healthy side of life in the summer. This year I planted basil, 2 kinds, a purple basil and green. The purple does not taste differently, but smells and looks intense. And the darker the leafs the more nutritious it is, so purple basil has more vitamins.

In the Autumn of our Lives

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In the autumn, stay healthy with some roots and herbs.


What should we be eating?

Think about what you are eating, and how much while you head toward the fall and winter. We have to cut down this time of year, and just the thought of cutting back may be difficult.

I have found that the bright, golden and orange veggies in my diet this time of year is helpful, because they are filling. For example, a steamed or baked sweet potato adds to my lunch, while some acorn squash with cinnamon and a little stevia can make my steamed squash taste great.