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You climb up, and slide down

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It seems that every single time I climb up that sharp cliff, I slide down after a few days. All motivated to move on, take charge of my life again and stop the tears but then it happens again; healing slowly.
But when those tears do flow it is not as often and it even feels good now because the tears do not last a long time.
Sally said, “I wish my family knew that I was getting better. They do not seem to understand the slips and slides we take as healing ensures.”
Sally had many past experiences that needed a special healing and energizing touch. She received many kind words, smiles, hugs and listening times with friends who had been through the funk. They knew the alone time was hard, and helped Sally by just being there.
Be there for someone right now who needs your attention.
Bring on comforting waves of positive energy to someone who needs you to help them.

Awaken and breathe

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Come and sit down just for a moment to breathe in wonder and breathe out peace

Come and sit down just for a moment to breathe in wonder and breathe out peace

The closeness of family and friends

As you move through life you will find that your spirit sours when you are around people that you love and care about. You can feel the presence of those who are spirit now; holding you near when you need them.

Positive Awakenings

In the midst of a busy life, find time for the people you care about; keeping those close ties that never unbind.

Need and want to be around those positive people that guide you toward a balanced being.

Moving on to better moments

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You have to make your own moments to bring on happiness into your life; looking at some of the patterns in your life that may be good and utilizing your mind, body and soul to make changes that you feel good about.

Rolls of healthy living

Rolls of healthy living

It may not be an easy task to take on some new things that may feel challenging right now to you but taking the first step toward new think


Grateful times

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Finding your inner smile

When you are feeling sorry for yourself, begin to think about all that you are grateful for.
It should not take very long to begin your long list of things in your life that are amazing. You can start with your family and move on to all of your friends!

You can add your inner soul, and how good it feels to be allowed to walk on this earth as a giving, loving human being.

The greenest green!

The greenest green!

After that lesson, you should not be feeling anything but joyfulness in your mind, body and soul. And being joyful  is better than just happy!