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Just a little love

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Broken and old

Bring yourself back to a time of living waves of enegy

Bringing yourself back

You may think that there are many things you have done in life that you regret or just want to put behind you right now but remember that any mistakes, even heart aches are lessons in life that you must go through.
Remember those broken toys you kept as a child?
I had a beautiful bride doll but one of her eyes closed and never re-opened. How could she be a beautiful bride now? I thought carefully and said to myself that it does not matter too much about her eye.

Feels like a miracle

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All of a sudden without warning Gloria found peace

Good childhood memories bring you to a time where you smile and feel that blissful moment in time

Good childhood memories bring you to a time where you smile and feel that blissful moment in time

It was blissful and blue skied with bits of white clouds that streamed through the horizon, and Gloria knew there was some intervention from above, perhaps a miracle that she was here in this moment in time, being rescued from the harshness of some past events.

She said with a smile on her face as she spoke to an old friend, ” It must be a miracle to be back to where I started from.”

Mindful Ways

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As you age, you begin to accept the way things are

You become a person with a watchful eye; gazing at beautiful scenes in nature and loving each moment you have right now in the moment.

Hidden paths

Hidden paths


Begin today by becoming mindful of your many senses.


Be mindful of your physical senses such as hunger and you will not have difficulties with your weight. Mindful eating consists of slowing yourself down and tasting each bite. Mindful hunger pangs help you to feel a hunger burst coming on, and if you comply by eating something right away you will not binge later on. Be in touch with your inner guide and you will slow down, breathe and then you will find that meals are a pleasure.

In Your Child Mind and Soul

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When I say act as if… do I mean act the opposite of what I feel?

No, I am talking about your mind as a child; sweet and naïve. Remember when you were a child and you had purity of thought. You said whatever came into your  head and some people laughed and some were embarrassed that you said what you did.

Children may not always be accurate with their interpretation of what adults are saying or doing, but they are truthful.


Are rocks and trees opposites?

Are rocks and trees opposites? They both stand still and strong but trees are full of life; they sway with the wind.