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Be present feeling the good and not so good ways of your body, mind and soul.

Notice the brightness in every moment today

Notice the brightness in every moment today

That  physical pain you have when you rise subsides as you move around, that dream you had is almost forgotten within a few moments of yawning and stretching. There may be a tear left from any emotional difficulties you had the night before, but today is a new day full of questions, clarity and answers.

All that is left is your soulful ways; that place never gets tired or full of pain; it  is  always present for you to tap into as needed.

Full of life

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Become full of life and healing energy

By the creek lies some beautiful snow scenes

By the creek lies some beautiful snow scenes

Just when you think that you had enough bad stuff, a thought comes in your mind that is filled with good moments.

When I want a good moment to enter my soul, I always think of my children. Their growing up years are fun to think back to as they run across the grass on a sunny, summer day playing princess. The girls played princess and the boys loved playing on the beach which got them into many problems. I remember one sunny afternoon when the boys were on a raft behind our home. The lake was beautiful, a calm, still blue lake day. But then the waves kicked up and the boys soared out further, and they could not get back.

Musical Words of Love

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Love notes

I found a card at the bottom of a box that I was sorting through on my quest toward right-sizing my home. I have been spending many hours getting things in order so that I rid myself of the unnecessary treasures in life that I no longer need.

These treasure have been getting in my way for many years and I know that they need to go but it is hard for me to let go of some of them. I love old things and old ways and have a passion for going to flea markets, swap meets and garage sales to see those old treasures that others kept too long.


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Getting through grief

Jeanne said to me in a sad voice, ” I lost my sister and then my brother in the same year. And I have not been right since. And it continues with other losses and hardships. I wonder why I have been given so very much on my plate, but I know I can do it, if only because I have no other choice.”

I did not know what to say to Jeanne because I had some significant losses too that I was trying my best to get through and I  felt stuck in the muck of it all; wondering when it would pass.

Mindful times

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Mindful and healing ways

When I think mindfully sometimes shiny colors come to mind

When I think mindfully sometimes  visions of shiny colors come to mind

When you become mindful of everything around you then you can move toward one-pointedness where you become mindful of just one thought or breath.

In this way, you can begin to slow yourself and your body down; lowering your blood pressure, heart rate and breath. You can also lower your stress and anxiety though some mindful, healing ways because you are slow and quiet.