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Wake up

Jan 2nd, 2019 Posted in A Spiritual Path | Comments Off on Wake up


I have come here to tell you that it is time to wake up.



Do not leave a stone unturned in life, forgetting will not help because it is always there in your mind’s eye. That place you treasure is either sacred or unpleasant enough to keep it forward in soulful ways that reach out every so often.




I am just a being who knows no more that most of us.
I do know that if you keep doing things the same way in life, nothing different ever happens.
Waking up is the way to be; alerting yourself to everything. Even the dull moments appear in brightness if you change the way you see things.

You climb up, and slide down

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It seems that every single time I climb up that sharp cliff, I slide down after a few days. All motivated to move on, take charge of my life again and stop the tears but then it happens again; healing slowly.
But when those tears do flow it is not as often and it even feels good now because the tears do not last a long time.
Sally said, “I wish my family knew that I was getting better. They do not seem to understand the slips and slides we take as healing ensures.”
Sally had many past experiences that needed a special healing and energizing touch. She received many kind words, smiles, hugs and listening times with friends who had been through the funk. They knew the alone time was hard, and helped Sally by just being there.
Be there for someone right now who needs your attention.
Bring on comforting waves of positive energy to someone who needs you to help them.

Shining through

Nov 9th, 2015 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »

I caught a glimpse of the sun today; a bright, white circle lighting the way to a beautiful and sunny day.  I was near the lake once again, walking past my childhood home, looking closely to see if anything had changed.

I gazed at the ladder above the cliff that I used to sit on, swinging my legs gently back and forth as I stared at the lake, casting some flat, black slate, wondering if It would reach the water.

Inner Voices

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Listen to your inner voice as it tells you to move on or to stay in place

During the stages of painting a picture you have to know when to stop, take a step back and say, "It is complete."

During the stages of painting a picture you have to know when to stop, take a step back and say, “It is complete.”

It is good to listen to others’ advice, but the truth is, you are the one who needs to learn that your inner self can help you make decisions. When you begin to trust yourself, things will change for you as you feel more confident in each step toward wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Healing time

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Even weeds can be beautiful Even weeds can be beautiful


Healing waves of energy

As you go through some healing times remember that weeds can be beautiful. Those wild, stringy green and white weeds flow beautifully in front of you while walking your path for the day.

It is beauty on the outside that seems to capture most people but what about the inside of a loving and kind person who gives to you in many healing ways?

Do not overlook things in life that may give you much pleasure?