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Good news

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Youthful ways

Examining life close up

Examining life close up

In youth  it was difficult to have confidence in myself, especially during difficult times. I would struggle trying to get by, hiding some of my flaws through laughter and a talkative nature.

Aging brings about needed confidence

As an older adult, there is no need  inside my heart center to call on my perfect ways that are not so perfect.

Today, I am who I am; crying, laughing, and even giggling like a child having a good time as I walk strong down the path of life.

One more time

Coming back to you

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Things come back to you in different ways

Through the trees seeing the neighborhood's gardens

Through the trees seeing the neighborhood’s gardens

Things come back to you;  some are good and some not so good but they all come back to find you and you will feel this effect immediately or not so immediately in kindness that is reciprocated in moments unexpected.
You may not  remember the kind thoughts, deeds and actions that brought you to this time in life where good things just keep on pouring on to you, but if you are always kind and loveable, it will be returned to you in different ways.


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All relationships have flaws with peaceful and painful times, and in the disillusioned times find some peace in yourself; that spot that tells you that you stand alone with your flaws too.

Even the most peaceful scenes have flaws

Even the most peaceful scenes have flaws

And in your painful times there may be rivers of tears and discontentment where words flow out of your mouth with negative intent to give someone you love a hardy sting like a bee; the pain travels throughout your body filling your entire being  and  disrupting your inner, natural flow like a colorful butterfly  spreading its wings inside of you for a moment that seems to last forever.

When I was young

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When I was young I believed that I would always be happy. I thought that if you tried hard throughout your life that things would just turn out right some how. I do not remember believing in fairy tales, but I thought that everyone was supposed to grow up and find that special person to make their life complete.

My doodle of a house

My house with my heart center on top, That is where I was as a child; open to every idea

My house with my heart center on top, That is where I was as a child; open to every idea