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Healthy You

Nov 4th, 2014 Posted in Healthy Foods | no comment »

If you want a healthier you change your diet first

A plant based diet filled with whole foods such as fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to make a change especially as the winter months approach and you may want to eat lighter.

A beautiful soup!

A beautiful soup!





Vegetable soup will warm you up on a cold day, and eating some raw fresh fruit or vegetables for you snacks will keep the hunger away.

Pumpkins and squash; healthy freshness

Pumpkins and squash; healthy freshness

Spring Into Orange Dressing

Jun 6th, 2012 Posted in Healthy Recipes | no comment »
At the Beach

I love oranges and a salad dressing made out of the juice of an orange sounds great. I am bringing this recipe to you from tasting it at many California restaurants. Since I am Vegan, I had a lot of salads while I dined in San Diego. Here is my interpretation of what is in the dressings that I had while vacationing. Hoping followers of my daily blog did not miss me too much.

I went to a wedding in San Diego, California. My nephew Brian. He married a beautiful girl named Nicole. It was a great wedding with lots of added attractions such as Hawaiian dancers.