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Reality Check

Jun 30th, 2016 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »



What is your reality right now?
Is your reality that beautiful flower you just saw as you passed it by; yellows, pinks and  oranges so beautiful to see in the summer.
Or is your reality daily happenings; those things you do each day are real or are they just past events that you drone by, doing without thinking much about anything?


My reality seems to be internally fixed; thinking always about good things coming into my life and wanting the bad to leave, but that makes me feel pressured and sad so I force myself to focus only on good reality moments so that my soul smiles.


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Gentle, calm and centered

Be gentle on yourself first and then you can bring that compassion that you have developed on yourself to others.
You would think that it would be easy to do, but most of us think of others before ourselves.
Today, make it the first day of your life when you concentrate only on you and your well-being;finding that place in your heart where you feel better doing some of the things that you enjoy and have put off.

Looking down your path and taking a long breath

Looking down your path and taking a long breath