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Lost and Found

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Finding passion rowing in the ocean

Finding passion rowing in the ocean


“What are you looking for?” said Gloria as she spoke to Dee about what to do with life.

Dee who was a teenager at the time, felt that she had a long time to choose;  not that interested in making future plans that seemed too  far to reach. Surrounded by joyful moments in her present life;playing with life was fun. You do not have to make changes or choices when you are young, you can just let things be as they are.





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“I thought it was going to be so very much fun when I retired. I was waiting for my husband to join me and then he decided to go his own way, leaving me alone to figure it out.”

Going fishing?

Going fishing?


After it is over, the long time spent at your career in life, there you are trying to figure things out just like you were a teenager trying to decide on a relationship, job or career, you just do not know what to do.



Childhood Memories Ringing Clear in the New Year

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When I think about Johnnie, I remember that year when I was 15 and he 16. We were both in summer school.

Summertime play with cottontails

Summertime play with cottontails

I was there just to have fun, unlike my sister and Johnnie. I did well in school but had a problem with boredom when my sister had to be in school in the summer.

Mary Anne  had some trouble subjects in school and had to go to summer school almost every year. Johnnie was not sure he cared about anything but having some fun in life.

Happiness for Others

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Find  time in your life today to  make someone feel your positive energy and then bring them along on your adventures

What do you have to do in order to feel happy yourself?

I believe you will be the happiest when you bring your positive vibes to others.

Passing through the corn maze of your life

Passing through the corn maze of your life

Aging and Artistic Flair: The art of Doodling

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Is there something missing in your life? Perhaps it is doodle time!

Flower patterns

Flower patterns

Today,  I was writing about patterns of behavior and I began to think about how much I liked to doodle, and how most of my work is a form of a pattern that goes on and on.

And this doodle thing  popped up in my head as I took an early walk. A doodle is a form of a pattern that you do over and over again.

You can change its pattern, but somehow it comes back to you as almost the same thing.