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Powerful Energizing Ways

Sep 24th, 2015 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »

A friend brought me beautiful  flowers; orange, reds and yellows

Flowers and their energizing ways

Flowers and their energizing ways

Excited and gleaming I put the flowers in water right away to make sure that these fresh, fragile beautiful flowers will last a long time. I always tend to the freshness and perfection of flowers by  putting them into fresh, cold water, trimming, changing the water daily; clearing off the wilts; tending with love.


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I remember a small white daisy that my granddaughter handed me with a gentle smile, “A gift for you grandma so that you can put it in water and have a nice flower for the rest of your day.” I thanked her, placing the flower in a pink vase; adding fresh water and a smile to my face.

Small gifts given with love are the most meaningful ones that you will ever receive with cherished moments that stay in your mind’s eye forever yours.

And because of gifting you have the special ability to give to yourself; a large gift of new beginnings any time you need to start over.


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Giving and receiving are the same thing

Fresh cut flowers bring smiles to many

Fresh cut flowers bring smiles to many

When I receive flowers I am most gracious because they  bring love and warmth inside of me and  to others when placed on my table; passing along the bright colors to everyone who enters my home along with the smell of sweetness that can be carried around with you for the day. Those sweet and honeysuckle scents send shivers down my spine as I move through my day.

Every day I smile as I pass by the flower that I received a few days ago.

Tiny White Bells

Dec 7th, 2014 Posted in Healing Ways | no comment »

Springtime Bells

In the yard at the lake house we had tiny white bell flowers on the side of the house.

Mom and I would pick them for the table because they had such as sweet, honeysuckle smell that we both enjoyed, brightening up our day with the scent of a sweetness in the air.

And the bells ring so softly flowing through the air

The flowers we picked had bells perfectly formed like you could ring them and hear their beauty. Bells have become a part of my present moments in my yoga practice along with  ringing bells to call upon mom when I need her near.

Your Flow Times

Mar 26th, 2014 Posted in Being More Positive | no comment »

If you have creative things to do in your life you will become more positive

This is what spring is all about. The bright blooming flowers, captured in this photo

Just looking at Pink can energize! This is what spring is all about. The bright blooming flowers, captured in this photo



Some may say creating is just a distraction but  isn’t that  a good thing? Getting lost in the flow of things is what living life meaningfully is all about.

Don’t you just love it when the time passes by so quickly because you were lost in something?

That is where you want to be- Lost  in the Zone!