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Markers along your trail of life

Markers along your trail of life

Everything in life seems to be a circle back to a time in life filled with good and not so good memories; needing both good and bad to complete the circle.






You start out innocent, ready to be challenged in life.

Your life moves on to different aspects of living including work, family and loves in life.
And you wonder after life passes along, “What did I miss?”
Well, you did not miss anything because it will come up again with a strong feeling that points you in the right direction.

The Connection

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Some things change, and some do not

I connected with an old friend recently and  talked about the past, future and our present moment.

Things have changed but some things have stayed the same.

And when you reminisce  with old friends, they may look different; older and wiser, but they may think the same way and do the same things. But if you or they have changed a lot, you may have an  interesting conversation filled with many tales to tell.

Past Significant Moments

We are sturdy like a tree

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You are sturdy

Trees stand strong even against the weight of heavy, drifting snow

Trees stand strong even against the weight of heavy, drifting snow


Think of yourself as a tree with a strong center and long, strong and flexible arms that hold you in place when you need them to.

You stand straight and tall; holding yourself up with confidence and peaceful thoughts.

You are positive with words to others that help them along their journey and you give of yourself in ways that bring some needed energy to others; circling the Universe and dropping kindness down like a snowflake.
You know how sturdy you really are, and it shows on your face each day as you pass a friend, giving a wave, a warm embrace and a smile.

Some Healing Ways

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Brighten your day with some flowers

Breathe in the brightness of lowers blooming

Breathe in the brightness of lowers blooming


Flowers still bloom in the fall

Create some natural healing in your life

Allow yourself time to heal from the wounds of your life. Stop trying so hard to cure yourself from all of your troubles. Just let things be and see what happens to you in a few months. Stop focusing on what you need to do, and instead focus on ways to slow yourself down, calm yourself and relieve any stressful moments you are having right now. Allow yourself time to just think about things in life that you feel are unfortunate happenings and remember that you may not have any control over many of the happening s in your life, the good and the bad just happen and you have to accept that.

Being Single: A Vital Stage to Maturation

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It seems that everyone thinks that people should grow up, go to college and get married. A way of life that most of us seem to see as the perfect way. perfect life, perfect family.

Well, that is not for everyone, and even the best of psychologist such as Erik Erikson, do not talk much about being single as a developmental milestone.