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“I thought it was going to be so very much fun when I retired. I was waiting for my husband to join me and then he decided to go his own way, leaving me alone to figure it out.”

Going fishing?

Going fishing?


After it is over, the long time spent at your career in life, there you are trying to figure things out just like you were a teenager trying to decide on a relationship, job or career, you just do not know what to do.




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I remember a small white daisy that my granddaughter handed me with a gentle smile, “A gift for you grandma so that you can put it in water and have a nice flower for the rest of your day.” I thanked her, placing the flower in a pink vase; adding fresh water and a smile to my face.

Small gifts given with love are the most meaningful ones that you will ever receive with cherished moments that stay in your mind’s eye forever yours.

And because of gifting you have the special ability to give to yourself; a large gift of new beginnings any time you need to start over.

In the middle

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I overhead a person talking about his competitive nature

In the middle of the race in life

In the middle of the race in life


He was a bicycle racer dressed in his gear waiting to begin the race. Red, white and blue he wore as he spoke with gleaming blue eyes, ” I don’t really want to win. Winning is not important. I want to be somewhere in the middle; not number one and not last!” he said with a smile.

And life is full of important moments that you will remember the rest of your life. Whether you win, lose or find yourself somewhere in the middle, your perspective is all that matters.