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How to Eat Better

Jun 12th, 2012 Posted in Maintaining your Weight, Preventing Diseases | no comment »


If you really want to lose weight, or if you are newly diagnosed with diabetes, here are a few tips for you, especially when eating out.

1. Always bypass the bread at the restaurant. The bread is just empty calories, filled with carbs that you do not need before you eat a meal.

2. Pay attention to portions in restaurants. There probably is 4 portions in your dinner! Restaurant sizes are notorious for being over-sized. Do not be afraid to ask for a kids portion, and if they are not willing, ask for a 1/2 portion of a regular meal. ( that will probably be 2 portions instead of 4!). You may also try ordering an appetizer instead of a meal. I do that a lot!

Trying to get the pounds off!

May 7th, 2012 Posted in Maintaining your Weight | no comment »

The average person who loses and keeps off weight, lost it at a very slow rate: 1-2 pounds a week

Remember that it will take just as long to take off the weight as it did to put it on!

When you first begin to change your life by choosing healthy ways, you may lose a few pound quickly! The all of a sudden it stops and you get discouraged.

Don’t get discouraged because it is a slow process

Your body wants to go into starvation mode and protect itself from losing any muscle and fat!