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Comforting Distance

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I witnessed a seagull sitting on a rock so peaceful and still

Capturing moments in time

Capturing moments in time

The sky was blue with sparkles of orange and yellow as the sun set gently in the sky. I was amazed by the peaceful waters, so blue and quiet along with the seagulls flying above not making their usual child-like chattering sounds.

I wanted to get closer to the gull and I believe he noticed as I climbed gingerly over the sharp edges of the gray and black stepping stones that were not quite stepping stones but large rocks that were not easy to step on and keep my balance at the same time.

Healing time

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Even weeds can be beautiful Even weeds can be beautiful


Healing waves of energy

As you go through some healing times remember that weeds can be beautiful. Those wild, stringy green and white weeds flow beautifully in front of you while walking your path for the day.

It is beauty on the outside that seems to capture most people but what about the inside of a loving and kind person who gives to you in many healing ways?

Do not overlook things in life that may give you much pleasure?


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Sometimes you really have to look closely at something to see it

Seeing the beauty in breezy weeds

Seeing the beauty in breezy weeds

And sometimes you are looking too close and may be ruminating on things you do not have any control of.

Looking on the surface 
You may glance at things that you should put some time into and then wonder why things do not turn out the way you planned.
With people too, looking at just the surface may bring you a minor glance at what is really there. And until you look deeper to find the specialness of each person, you may never know them very well.

Feeling sorry; but then there is hope

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Sometimes I feel sorry for myself and then I remember that there are good times to focus on through the years.

And I  remember a poem by Emily Dickinson, the first verse is my favorite-


Hope is the thing with feathers-

That perches in the soul-

And sings the tune without the words-

And never stops at all

Source- the Poems of Emily Dickinson. Edited by R.W. Franklin. ( Harvard University Press, 1999)

Simple treasures in life

The simple, painless things like the smell of beautiful flowers in the springtime as you walk through life is what life is all about.

Listening To Your Inner Voice

Feb 20th, 2014 Posted in Aging and Health | no comment »

What is it that you really need?

I need peaceful exploration of life

I need peaceful exploration of life

What is it that you need to stay healthy and well throughout your life?

Go with how you feel

When it comes to what you really need in life, you should listen very carefully to yourself. Your first instinct is usually correct when you have a decision to make.
That little voice that feels uncomfortable at times is trying to tell you something. When you have a strong feeling that something just is not right, you should listen.
And when you have strong feeling of confidence, plunge ahead with great speed toward whatever it may be. Your inner voice is a good friend.