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May 4th, 2018 Posted in A Spiritual Path | Comments Off on Soothing

Moving slow and still



Life is not a bowl of beautiful red cherries that taste sweet all the time, and sometimes when the sweetness leaves you a bitter taste, you know a lesson has been learned.


Every lessons brings you closer to your many selves

Lessons are a good way to learn how much you have to take care of yourself because you are the keeper of your mind, body and soul.
Stop rushing and watch a soothing river  in its blueness, mildly drifting over rocks instead of stumbling as you may be doing right now.


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The next time you are trying to change yourself, begin with a confident persona

There is something about someone who is a leader; confident in their approach, able to live life well in mind, body and soul along with a confident speech pattern that people listen to. Even their walk is self-confident; head straight, shoulders back and a purposeful, bouncy gait that others try to emulate.

are you taking the needed steps toward a more confident you?

are you taking the needed steps toward a more confident you?

Working on your self- confidence can include your self-esteem; that internal self-worth that you know is there in your mind and spirit helping you prepare for confident moments.