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Meaningful Traditions

Dec 23rd, 2016 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »

This time of year we hold on tightly to traditions that make us stronger. We should hang on to this kind of harmony and love all year



“Mom had a tablecloth for every holiday; orange for the autumn times, reds for both Valentine’s Day and Christmas.


The fanciest and  most special cloths were there ones she carefully placed on the table  around the Christmas season where everything in the house had a red and green sparkle of positive energy,” said Dee with a smile.




Soft changes approach

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The tiny bits of autumn in its glory

Time for changes


As the cooler weather approaches bringing with it a smooth sort of freshness in the air, you can take a deep breath of cinnamon and clover as the leaves fall softly from the trees.



Reality Check

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What is your reality right now?
Is your reality that beautiful flower you just saw as you passed it by; yellows, pinks and  oranges so beautiful to see in the summer.
Or is your reality daily happenings; those things you do each day are real or are they just past events that you drone by, doing without thinking much about anything?


My reality seems to be internally fixed; thinking always about good things coming into my life and wanting the bad to leave, but that makes me feel pressured and sad so I force myself to focus only on good reality moments so that my soul smiles.

Broken Toys

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Powerful times

Powerful times


When Sasha was a child she always brought her broken toys to her mother for fixing, “I know it may be too late to fix this dolly but mom, can you please try?”


Mom seemed to have the magic touch; stitching the colorful blue eye back into place on the cloth doll that had many years of wear. Sasha would be amazed at her mom’s ability to fix just about anything.


And when Sasha grew up she still came to mom for fixing; finding that mom was able to help fix just about anything in life by listening to Sasha’s problems.

Colorful moments

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Colorful and healing moments

Colorful and healing moments






You are beautiful; see inside of yourself all the beautiful colors of love.

You are perfect with all of your flaws, a helping person who is there for others.

Keep beautiful colors in your mind and soul; bringing you some internal bliss.

Reds, blues, pinks and yellows circle around you, telling you to be still; settling down in the moment with a peaceful and tranquil moment that is yours alone.
Sing your favorite song; allowing you breath to take you away on a journey through a mindful and loving moment.
Love everyone.