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I am grateful

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I am grateful that I am here.
Taking my next breath, surrounded by people who love me, I get up, get dressed and move along through my day.
First the market, then a walk in the village will be my life today; searching for something sometimes but here for the sameness of this day.
Gratefulness is upon me because I know that I can do it; getting through one more day that will bring me closer to myself; that internal place of peace that brings a flow of warm oneness to my entire body.
I gather myself today; knowing that I may or may not find my purpose, but putting meaningful things to do on my list that will bring me there in part.
It takes a very long time to bring on that awe moment where you know you are right where you are supposed to be.



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Now is the time to make those changes you need to make

Stop procrastinating on what you need to do and begin right now…

Be like a pod bursting open to see the world

Be like a pod bursting open to see the world

You have to motivate yourself; taking the first step toward those challenging events in your life. You will find that everything become clearly focused as you move toward your many goals and the bucket list events.

Time is passing you by and you know that now is the time for all those happy and joyful events that you have been planning for.