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Healthy You

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If you want a healthier you change your diet first

A plant based diet filled with whole foods such as fruits and vegetables is an excellent way to make a change especially as the winter months approach and you may want to eat lighter.

A beautiful soup!

A beautiful soup!





Vegetable soup will warm you up on a cold day, and eating some raw fresh fruit or vegetables for you snacks will keep the hunger away.

Pumpkins and squash; healthy freshness

Pumpkins and squash; healthy freshness

Motivate yourself

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The interesting thing about motivation is that it rubs off!

The smell of basil makes you feel good

The smell of basil makes you feel good

If you begin a healthier lifestyle, you will find that others around you will follow you, and people always do better with their action plans when they have a cheering crowd.
For example, group exercise brings  people from different walks of life together for a moment in time.

That person that goes to the gym and takes a class with you may never become your friend, but they can be your motivator. And there may be a competitive nature to being in a group with a common interest.


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Tears are needed at times to clear everything from your system

And tears are there for the good times and the bad times; helping you to get back to your center in life.

It is a cleansing mechanism that your body has to clear out the toxins and wastes.

It seems like a medical way of talking about tears, and some people believe that you should hold back tears and not let anything bother you.

I find that just the opposite is true; I  need to talk about good and bad things in life; and the perfect things that happen bring about tears. Examples include the birth of a child. How can something so perfect happen to human beings?

Happy Greens for your Health and Wellness

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Growing in the Summertime is so much fun!

Here are a few of my greener than green things!



I plant a few things in the spring to get in touch with my healthy side of life in the summer. This year I planted basil, 2 kinds, a purple basil and green. The purple does not taste differently, but smells and looks intense. And the darker the leafs the more nutritious it is, so purple basil has more vitamins.

Culinary Herbs that Possess Medicinal Qualities: At Your Local Farmer’s Market

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Take a look at your Local Farmer’s Market this weekend for some herbs. I buy them in pots to grow and dried herbal wonders at the market.

Your locals can help you find what you need!

I love herbs. I cook with them, I grow some, especially sage and basil. I also feel that many herbs possess medicinal qualities that we may be overlooking.

Let’s start with Sage, one of my favorites. Sage is an effective anti-inflammatory. Some old wives tales also include sage’s ability to ward off a cold if one drinks it infused in a cup of water throughout the day. Sage has aslo been used as an antiseptic.