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Old Souls

Jan 4th, 2017 Posted in A Spiritual Path | 2 comments »

Old souls are like trees that grow very slowly, touching the earth with their beauty and grace


“I believe I am an old soul who has been around for many years.  I have been in touch with my inner self and I count on it for inspiration and insight. I know that soulful ways are developed as are many skills we learn in life. And I have learned many lessons that have brought me to a center of calmness and graceful movements like a swaying and crackling  branch on a strong, yet flexible tree that catches a warm summer breeze,” said Gloria as she gazed at the coldness of a winter day with its forceful winds that spray sparkles of icy whiteness, shimmering in the sunlight.

Embracing Alone Times

May 25th, 2016 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »
Filling your days with some good times

Filling your days with some good times

Gloria fought hard to get past the alone times in life to a place that was filled with life and love.


She had family to call on in times of need but it seemed that the times alone were longer, quiet times and noisy train whistle times in the warm air of summer where long walks did not cure the loneliness of time passing without much to do about it.





You climb up, and slide down

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It seems that every single time I climb up that sharp cliff, I slide down after a few days. All motivated to move on, take charge of my life again and stop the tears but then it happens again; healing slowly.
But when those tears do flow it is not as often and it even feels good now because the tears do not last a long time.
Sally said, “I wish my family knew that I was getting better. They do not seem to understand the slips and slides we take as healing ensures.”
Sally had many past experiences that needed a special healing and energizing touch. She received many kind words, smiles, hugs and listening times with friends who had been through the funk. They knew the alone time was hard, and helped Sally by just being there.
Be there for someone right now who needs your attention.
Bring on comforting waves of positive energy to someone who needs you to help them.

Outdoor Memories

Jul 9th, 2015 Posted in A Spiritual Path | no comment »

As a child I always loved being outdoors

Beauty behind the greens of life

Beauty behind the greens of life

I remember climbing up trees and finding secret places to just be by myself.
I would  look for places that were dry on rainy days; under the old Weeping Willow tree was always a good spot to just be when sprinkles of rain were coming down. I would look down at the ground finding dry spots from the hanging tree branches to stand under if the rain came down too hard.
Rain and snow never stopped me from taking my walks; only if there was 7 feet of snow or blinding rains.

Hopeful and Healing Ways

Jun 20th, 2015 Posted in Accepting Change | no comment »

Accepting changes in your life

It is easy to tell someone else to stay hopeful because if something bad is not happening to you, you may not be able to put yourself in the other person’s shoes, even when you really want to help.

Gardens can be beautiful. Plant a garden into your soul

Gardens can be beautiful. Plant a garden into your soul

It is easier to tell someone else that things will get better but remember that things may not get better for the person you are comforting. If you or someone else is grieving, it is a process which take time to get through, and the steps toward wellness are slow but purposeful. You need to get through things at your own pace.