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Childhood Disorders: Has your Child been Diagnosed With ADD or ADHD?

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When children enter school, they go through many tests to find out how well they are doing. Some kids fall behind and teachers because they are concerned, try to figure out  what is wrong.

When my kids were growing up, we did not have ADHD or ADD. I had heard of  learning disorders as a general term used to tell parents that their kid does not fit into how we teach here. Some people may find this statement offensive, but I found that my kids, because they were creative beings needed to learn in different ways. They could concentrate on things that they had passion for! So why couldn’t the school provide passionate play and learning activities that “different kids” could participate in?

Vitamin D: To help with Childhood Disorders Such as Autism

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There has been much research on the connection between vitamin deficiencies and many childhood disorders such as Autism. So many children are being diagnosed today with autism, ADD, ADHD that there must be some reason. Many professionals are suggesting that the Vitamin D theory on autism be looked at closely. In an article from written recently there is concern due to the epidemic proportion of autism; 1 in 88 children are diagnosed with autism.

The questions:

Why has autism increased in the last 20 years?

If it is a genetic disease, how could it have increased?

Hyperactivity in Children

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Alternatives to Medications

It seems that there are many “non- holistic”  treatments such as Ritalin to aid in most of the childhood disorders that many children are suffering from these days. Autism, ADHD, ADD all seem to have increased in the past decade. Why do you think this is happening?

I know that if one of my children were diagnosed, I would want something holistic for treatment. There are some studies and recommendations on how to help with childhood disorder. I have found 4 suggestions:



1.Changing the diet to a nutritious one that eliminates processed foods, sugar and dyes.