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Moving past

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Finding your way; deciding what to change in life

Most of the time you know when to move on and get going.

Things have to change in life and  you may get stuck in something that is not what you need or want because it seems easier to stay.

This negative rut does not help you because you need some positive moments in your life that keep you feeling well in mind, body and soul. And you can find positive moments  just by picking up a book and reading something inspiring, or finding ways to make some new friends that can give you a different perspective on living life well.

Soft ways

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The softness of animals

When you are soft, others notice and cannot help bringing their softness to you.  And of course animals help you to become that soft person you want to be.

They have a way of bringing out your kindness and love for everything that life has to offer.

The best times in my life surrounds my family and my love for animals.

My dog Jesse was a wonder; border collies do not bark much which I find a blessing, but they are a perfect pet because they literally stay by your side their entire life. Our dog went to training school to learn how to be the best dog for our family and he was. I miss him and those long walks and runs we took together.

Some Healing Ways

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Brighten your day with some flowers

Breathe in the brightness of lowers blooming

Breathe in the brightness of lowers blooming


Flowers still bloom in the fall

Create some natural healing in your life

Allow yourself time to heal from the wounds of your life. Stop trying so hard to cure yourself from all of your troubles. Just let things be and see what happens to you in a few months. Stop focusing on what you need to do, and instead focus on ways to slow yourself down, calm yourself and relieve any stressful moments you are having right now. Allow yourself time to just think about things in life that you feel are unfortunate happenings and remember that you may not have any control over many of the happening s in your life, the good and the bad just happen and you have to accept that.

Being Grateful

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One of the hardest concepts to understand and develop in your lifetime is being grateful for your challenging times

Grateful to be able to see the wonders of nature

Grateful to be able to see the wonders of nature

It is easy to be grateful about things that happen to you that bring joy and harmony to your life, but you also have to be grateful for everything that happens to you because every breath that you take in life is to be honored and cherished moment to moment.

Be thankful that you are here today, able to enjoy the wonders of nature, the company of others and take your next breath.

Cultivate your Life Through Yoga

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When You learn how to regulate your breath, keep your body strong, balanced and flexible you are thankful that you practice yoga

Watch a bird in the springtime,  settled on the ground as if waiting for the warmer weather, or perched high in a tree singing their spring songs.

Even when  we have wild weather in the springtime, it all clears up and the sun shines

Even when we have wild weather in the springtime, it all clears up and the sun shines

You can  learn about internal energies that you can release to help put harmony into your life. And then you will  begin to honor your body through a healthy diet that builds and maintains your health and wellness.