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The Skill of Waiting

Patience is difficult, for yourself and with others.

You may wait for someone, impatiently tapping your foot because you think that they are taking too long trying on a new dress.

Or you may be impatient with yourself; trying to hold onto something like fixing the parts on your coffee pot to make it work but it still spills the grounds in the wrong spot.

So do you buy another one or do you keep on trying to patiently fix the one you have?

Mindful times

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Mindful and healing ways

When I think mindfully sometimes shiny colors come to mind

When I think mindfully sometimes  visions of shiny colors come to mind

When you become mindful of everything around you then you can move toward one-pointedness where you become mindful of just one thought or breath.

In this way, you can begin to slow yourself and your body down; lowering your blood pressure, heart rate and breath. You can also lower your stress and anxiety though some mindful, healing ways because you are slow and quiet.






3 positive healing moments

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How do you get your moments to stay positive and focused on your next breath?
1. Slow your many selves down through quiet stillness; no television, radio ( unless soft and quiet music), and concentration on your breathing; slowing it down.
2. Self-Massage your temples; allowing energy to enter your body. Next moving onto your cheekbones tapping lightly for a moment.
Now massage your feet rubbing with vigor as you move to your hands; rubbing each digit and the palms.
Finally you are moving onto your ears where you rub up and down and stopping on the lobes; pulling and rubbing.
3. Move into a yoga asana that feels good and soothing; trying out child’s pose or pigeon on each side to soften yourself. Resolving to be as still as possible in one of these poses to center your being and softly go back to your breath where you concentrate on some positive, meaningful thoughts that will get you through this moment in time.


Profound Calmness

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Getting back to a calm you

If you want to get back to your inner self, you may need to start a meditation practice where you come to realize that stillness in what you need to get yourself into that mindful way and be able to just be without all the stress and anxiety.
I find that staying in asanas (yoga poses) that are deeply strengthening and soft bring me into a state of calmness and harmony.

Every morning, a positive start!

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Get up every morning and do something different

Change something about your usual routine to shake yourself up.

This positive flow of energy will be yours throughout the day because you did something different.

You started a brand new adventure in life with built in challenges to meet that can build your confidence; putting a flame underneath your feet. And you feel this energy moving throughout your body as you stand strong in a yoga asana called Tree.

Tree is flexible but strong; moving slightly like the swaying of branches that are guided by the breeze and stiff winds that circle your being.