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Money Savings Tips on health and wellness

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For your health and wellness there are many branches of care.

Take a look at some health and wellness companies that can help you make decisions on lifestyle changes you may be looking for.


A Comprehensive View of Vitamins and Minerals

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Here is a link for you to find our more information on Vitamins and minerals.


Mindful of your needs

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When you get up in the morning feeling sluggish and tired, what do you do to energize yourself?

Listen to music, it helps with the soul

Listen to music, it helps with the soul

I make a power protein shake with some added B vitamins and that seems to get me through the morning.
This is much evidence on the power of the Bs but remember they are water soluble vitamins that need to be replenished.





The major B vitamins include thiamine, riboflavin and niacin– B, B2 B3

Here are some food with some of those vitamins:


Vitamin C: do we need some this time of year?

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I love to look at bright colors in the wintertime. The color of oranges, lemons and bright tangerines can get you moving in the morning, especially if you eat some of that sweetness.

The Season for Illness


Fending off those colds in the winter is a chore!

I believe in increasing the amount of Vitamin C in your diet naturally, but if you do not get enough, you may need to supplement this water soluble vitamin.

Vitamin C is easy to get into your body. Start with some fresh oranges from Florida. This sunshine state grows oranges all year.

Getting out of the Blues

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Take a very long walk with a friend. It helps to balance and center you for the day. Walking is the perfect form of exercise.

As we approach the winter months some of us get the blues.

I am one of those people who seem to have problems as the sunshine in my life disappears.

We have to be more creative about exercise, because you cannot get outside every day. I try. I have cleats on the bottom of my boots to dig into the snow.