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Taking care of yourself

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A maze of happenings



When you look after yourself, is it a good thing?
Do you nourish yourself with good literature, building a sound mind?
Do you do something creative every day that allows you to feel good about yourself?



Unusual happenings

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Loving embraces


Like a song I played on the piano over and over again, he came into my life a few years ago.

He was bright, loving and caring. I could not believe how loving, so I slowly dismissed the feelings of love but realized that it may have come from my spirit, that feeling that I should have truly embraced him.


Everyone should have a friend like you

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I see you as my complete balance in life

For comfort, love and companionship, everyone should have a friend like you.

Is it a miracle that you have come into my life, or is it just a stroke of luck?
My inner soul reaches for you in times of need, and you are always there as a guide who helps me figure out the most difficult challenges.
I only hope that I am there for you too, by your side when you need a shoulder to cry on, or you need a person who listens without making judgement.
I am eternally grateful for your friendship.

Winter Memories

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Tree climbing











Winter fun came along as a child jumping, running and crashing into each other with frozen forts and snow ball wars.


The fun was amazing as you wished for more and more snow to sustain your icy ways, and you never felt cold because you were so bundled up in a structured and layered way that did not allow for much movement but you did not care about anything but fun in the snow.


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I have found that I am  not a very trusting person; blaming it on past experiences that brought about grief, anger and sadness to my life.

Knowing that I have been taken for granted many times along the way; being  lied to with a smile and dictated to on what I need to do in order for someone to love me, I moved along thinking and believing that things would change but they did not.

I took to not trusting even myself for decisions.