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Be still


Do not give up your power because things may not be going as planned.
Giving up on things is a move that will not get you where you what to be.
Staying gives you the power that you need in order to be successful in your tasks in life.


There are times in life when you do gain more power by leaving situations but take your time in sorting through; finding the things you can change and things you cannot.

Living in the Present

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The purple flow of the season brings peacefulness to you



Stay put

It is difficult to stay put because places in the present bring up the past quite often as you look for answers guided by your experiences. And those experiences are helpful but not always pleasant, therefore they need a place in the past that stays there.


But you do not have to stay in the past very long where you focus on past troubles that may have brought you to present unhappy circumstances.

Many people get stuck in the muck of the mistakes they have made, and that does not move them on to the present.

Taking care of yourself

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A maze of happenings



When you look after yourself, is it a good thing?
Do you nourish yourself with good literature, building a sound mind?
Do you do something creative every day that allows you to feel good about yourself?



Unusual happenings

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Loving embraces


Like a song I played on the piano over and over again, he came into my life a few years ago.

He was bright, loving and caring. I could not believe how loving, so I slowly dismissed the feelings of love but realized that it may have come from my spirit, that feeling that I should have truly embraced him.


Everyone should have a friend like you

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I see you as my complete balance in life

For comfort, love and companionship, everyone should have a friend like you.

Is it a miracle that you have come into my life, or is it just a stroke of luck?
My inner soul reaches for you in times of need, and you are always there as a guide who helps me figure out the most difficult challenges.
I only hope that I am there for you too, by your side when you need a shoulder to cry on, or you need a person who listens without making judgement.
I am eternally grateful for your friendship.