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Breezes of life

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“I walked in a fast pace today, knowing that tomorrow there may be rain and I would not be able to see the sunshine for a few days,” said Dee to Sasha.
“But the rain washes everything clean for a newness that you can smell in scents of clover, ” said Sasha.


And the yellow and brown leaves scatter all over, stopping in front of you to say good bye to summer.

Letting things be

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The purple flow of autumn brings peacefulness to you


Do you have the tendency to manipulate everything in your life; going to places in your mind where things should be left unsettled, and you have to connect the dots?

Seeing, listening to your inner voice telling you, “just this one time, I am going to change things so that they are better for me.?” But do they become better for you or are things just a little bit worse.





You will know when you are ready

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It takes time to make the changes you may be contemplating to begin.
Beginnings are not easy, procrastination always seems to set into your inner soul  especially when it may be a difficult decision to make in your life.
“I ponder for a long time before I make decisions because I want it to work for me,” said Gloria.
“But if you wait too long, it may become too difficult to make the decision and then some emotional pain sets  in and you are unable to move on.  You may even  get stuck in situations where you feel like quick sand is all around you,” said Dee.


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Capturing everything




Giving and receiving 
You may need to give back in some way that shows the other person how strongly you feel about them. It does not have to be a physical gift. It could be the gift of listening to someone, or just taking a long walk down a path together. Whatever it is that you give will be appreciated by the receiver.



Turning the page on memories

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Your path is close by and you need to choose which direction to go.


Turning pages in the book of life

“Memories come quickly, passing along the wave of our life, allowing us to savor one more time, something good or something not so good,” said Dee to Katie and Sasha.

Changing perspective