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Memory Flow

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By the lake



All of a sudden a memory flows into my mind as I walk toward a mailbox near my home.  It is the same mailbox that I tossed many a letter for my mother years ago as a child.


And I, being asked to run across the street for mom seemed like just a small task but now a real time memory that flows through my mind and soul as I sat with mom in the recreation room of our home, sometimes playing the piano for her if she asked.

Older and wiser

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Capturing everything



You may feel like you are slowing down a bit but the slowness may be a benefit for you to stop and smell the roses.

When was the last time that you sat down in front of a pretty, colorful scene just to look at the beauty of nature? Or stopped by the water’s edge of a great lake to take your shoes off and linger in the coldness and blueness of the moment?




Little Things
“As I age, I notice little things about myself that are good.

Time for Fun

May 17th, 2017 Posted in A Spiritual Path | one comment »

You have time right now to be gazing at the fresh blooms of spring and summer

Yes, you finally have the time.







You say that you do not have time for fun, but you really do.

You say that you will wait until tomorrow but tomorrow is here right in this moment.


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Reach out and find your way



When you make everything crystal clear in your life, it shines. You can see the glitter of blues and purples dancing around in your mind’s eye.







Brightening your life
You can do it; finding ways to brighten up your internal self and bring it to others. They will appreciate your soft, nice waves of energy that you bring to them.
“I believe that you can change things in your life if you try. Taking some small steps toward a new place in your heart center is a good place to start.

The Right Choice

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You are always facing the music



The Right Choice

“You would not know the right thing to do, even if it hit you in the face, ” said Gloria to Dee.



Dee responded with a smile, “Yes I would, I just had so many failed attempts at some things in life that it has made me scared of any decisions, even the good ones.”
Have you ever felt like this? Caught in the middle of not knowing which way to go, and realizing that you have made so many mistakes, you believe that all decisions are mistakes in disguise?