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I have found that I am  not a very trusting person; blaming it on past experiences that brought about grief, anger and sadness to my life.

Knowing that I have been taken for granted many times along the way; being  lied to with a smile and dictated to on what I need to do in order for someone to love me, I moved along thinking and believing that things would change but they did not.

I took to not trusting even myself for decisions.

I’m Just Sitting here

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Turn black and white into color today




Sometimes I feel like an observer who watches things just pass along the way. And I say, “I saw it coming but I just waited for it to happen. I knew I could change my path, but I decided to just stay where I am.”







Are you just sitting?
Maybe it is the end of something such as a relationship, or maybe it is the end of a job you did not like anymore so you just let it go by you without much of a struggle.


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Rolls and rolls of neatly piled veggies!

It seems that helpers need assistance too.

Maybe you are a person who helps all the time and feel empty at the end of the day. If this is you, it is your turn to be assisted by others.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, you will not be able to go on being the helper without some replenishment.


Replenishment can come in different forms such as taking your time at an open market to touch, feel and smell the fresh  vegetables and fruits.

Breezes of life

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“I walked in a fast pace today, knowing that tomorrow there may be rain and I would not be able to see the sunshine for a few days,” said Dee to Sasha.
“But the rain washes everything clean for a newness that you can smell in scents of clover, ” said Sasha.


And the yellow and brown leaves scatter all over, stopping in front of you to say good bye to summer.

Letting things be

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The purple flow of autumn brings peacefulness to you


Do you have the tendency to manipulate everything in your life; going to places in your mind where things should be left unsettled, and you have to connect the dots?

Seeing, listening to your inner voice telling you, “just this one time, I am going to change things so that they are better for me.?” But do they become better for you or are things just a little bit worse.