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Jun 14th, 2019 Posted in A Spiritual Path | Comments Off on Gifts

Gifts come in all sizes, some bigger than others.
The greatest gift I received recently was not a present, it was the special way I was treated by someone.
I have waited a long time, and have gifted many people but never received such a gift as the one I received in the past few months. I believe it is because this person is so sincere, loving and caring about my well-being, or it may be that I just am not used to someone being so very nice.
Whatever the case, it feels good to be gifted this person.
There have been others who have helped me through the years, and I truly appreciate their presence but there is something truly special about this person, and I will never forget how much they have added to my life.


Just one

Feb 18th, 2019 Posted in A Spiritual Path | Comments Off on Just one

Just seeing one flower in its magnificence is a pleasure I will always be amazed by. In its awesomeness it is as unique as every person I meet during my life.
And the one that I truly savor are the people in their creative ways are so helpful to me. I look at them with a passion, and they help me to become a better person. I try to help them, being there, loving them, caring and understanding when they need me to listen.
I am thankful for those special people who are in my life.
Just like the special orange, red and yellow flower, a small softness that brings such joy.

Do not rush

Jan 20th, 2019 Posted in A Spiritual Path | Comments Off on Do not rush

Paying close attention but not rushing on anything in life today.
Studying the moment where breathing is a pleasurable event of slowness and calm times.
When I pay attention, I begin to see differently.
I can envision a flower slowly opening with its soft purple petals that have slow grace and beauty.
I can pay close attention to a snow filled day where each individual snowflake has something to give me in its unique ways of wonder.
I will not rush the moment today in any relationships, even when I feel I should give my opinion to someone, I will allow them to grow on their own.

Wake up

Jan 2nd, 2019 Posted in A Spiritual Path | Comments Off on Wake up


I have come here to tell you that it is time to wake up.



Do not leave a stone unturned in life, forgetting will not help because it is always there in your mind’s eye. That place you treasure is either sacred or unpleasant enough to keep it forward in soulful ways that reach out every so often.




I am just a being who knows no more that most of us.
I do know that if you keep doing things the same way in life, nothing different ever happens.
Waking up is the way to be; alerting yourself to everything. Even the dull moments appear in brightness if you change the way you see things.


Dec 9th, 2018 Posted in A Spiritual Path | Comments Off on Living

A maze of happenings




I was only 10 years old as I walked along the shoreline collecting beautiful and colorful worn glass. I thought of it as my fine sea treasure that I would have my entire life and I was right because  it still is a treasure to me.
I found time to live then as I live now with my treasure time painting  pictures as colorful as my beach glass and as meaningful as when I was 10 years old. Those are living times of pleasure in my heart.