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What to Eat in the Spring

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Welcome to the path of healthy green colors

Welcome to the path of healthy green colors

On Eating your Greens

It seems like we are just coming out of hibernation. Our snow should be melting soon, and the birds are already back in town. What do we need to do to help dust off our cobwebs of the winter bliss?

I have been cleaning a lot, so I know that it will be time to open up the windows soon. I look forward to the first day when I can feel and smell the warm breezes. Since we have snow right now, that is a distant wish for me.

Minerals in Nutrition

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To help people understand nutrition better, I am devoting a post on essential minerals that the body needs. You can also look under Category section on vitamins and health, to help you with getting enough of both vitamins and minerals in your healthy diet plan.

There are 2 classes of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are complex and organic, serving primarily as coenzymes or regulators of body metabolism.

Minerals are simple elements with important roles in both structure and function of the body.