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huts in the keys

Your Life is Full of Abundance

You may not know it, but your life is full of beauty. Even if you are not in a tropical wonderland, your life is full of precious moments one after another because you make your own abundance.

You can keep your life full of peaceful, loving  moments through visualizing  scenes that are full of love and peace; letting your spirit move through one adventure after another.          

Savoring the Moments

There are so many good things in life, and you need to start savoring the moments right now by realizing that your  life is full of abundance and harmony.

Changing your Mood

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In the winter, you may have a hard time  keeping your mood stable and your mind out of the blues.
Some good ways to combat these depressive moments can be  with music.
Positive moments with soft, loving music can create a mood shift. You will find that you even think better and feel much more relaxed with some background music. It is amazing how music can change your mood and perspective in just a moment in time.

Whenever you are feeling down, angry, full of anxiety, try some soothing music to calm and balance your soul. Music digs deep down into your soul, helping you to harmonize yourself and others who may benefit from you turning on the soft tunes.

Different Aspects of Painful Times

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When I think of pain I think of all the aspects of it

There are different kinds of pain that can effect your wellness.

Physical pain is the one that is the easiest to talk about because it has a focus in an area of the body, but emotional and spiritual pain are different. When you lose your spirit, or your emotions run wild,  this can lead toward not feeling physically well because of your inability to control emotions or your  lack of a spiritual purpose in life with meaningful activities.

How Do You Deal with the Pain in Your life?

Something Simple

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There is so much information on how to put balance into your life. But we need to find our own way through some soul searching.
Soul searching can consist of looking deeper into yourself for some guidance, or outside of yourself with nature. I have always found water scenes to give me the most harmonious pleasure.

The blueness of water and its constant movement  is soothing, giving a sense of calmness and peace; a meditative state that you may be  looking for.

Trying Something New

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For the new year, try something new.

More snow to keep us thinking.

More snow to keep us thinking.

Grab a camera, and take a walk. Who knows, you may become a great photographer!

It can be anything that you have not done before, or it can be an improvement on something you may have not done well with before, and you are going to improve.

I have heard many times that nothing invented is ever new- it is all about improvement.


And we all know that self-improvement is the number one thing to do these days!