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Listening to your body

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 Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.

Listen to your body, it will tell you what it needs.



Your Physical Well-Being

People seem to want drugs for everything these days, and the practice of going for a drug to relieve a symptom reflects our inability to tackle things in our lives in general.

You should not of course ignore symptoms because they can turn into more serious problems later on. Dr. Jon Kabat- Zinn in his book: Full Catastrophic Living describes the mindset of a society that is addicted to drugs for just about anything you can think of.

Understanding Pharmacology and How Medications work in your body

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Taking better care of yourself through increasing your knowledge about healthy living.


Learning About Your Prescription and Non-Prescription  Medications

We all want to know more about medications and how they work. To understand drugs and the specific action they have in your body, here are a few bits of knowledge.


First of all, all drugs are metabolized in the liver, and therefore the liver is the first organ to have problems if drugs accumulate there.

Some drugs  can have effects on your kidneys too. So, even that over-the-counter drug that you took for a headache, can eventually cause you some problems with your internal organs, especially the liver and kidneys.

Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals

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Are organically grown foods better for our health? Are they considered medicinal?

Pharmacology verses Pharmacognosy


We all know that it is better to get our nutrients from the foods we eat instead of taking supplements. But how much do we know about some nutraceuticals that may be in part food?

When pharmacology first evolved it was all about pharmacognosy- or  natural pharmaceuticals that are medicinal.  Pharmacognosy is the oldest branch of pharmacy. This ancient medicine gathered herbs, animals, plants and minerals to concoct them into mixtures which were considered great remedies.

Drugs that can be hazardous to your health

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There are so many drugs on the market today. And it is scary how many new drugs, especially over the counter ones are sold today. I want to talk about the top over- the- counter drugs, and why you should be cautious when taking them.

There are many categories of medication that are given to patient’s without a prescription. These over-the-counter medications can have many side effects that people may not realize because they think that if it is OTC, it is safer than prescription drugs.

Analgesics and Antipyretics