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Find peace in blissful moments


Be soulful today; full of soft waves of energy that you send along to others. Find ways to help someone today; bringing a smile to someone who needs it.


What is it that your soul needs?
Do you need to feel spiritual and free from worry?
Take a look at soulful ways you can get in touch with life.
Take a long walk on a beach, feeling the sand between your toes.
Look at nature and its beautiful greens, yellows reds and blues.
Find that life is full of wonder.
Places in the heart center are comforting and blissful.

Walk alone

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Today I walk alone through the beauty of the fresh smell of autumn in the air. I never mind walking alone because it gives me time to just think about myself and my path in life.

Old things that no one wants at the Flea Market.

Old things that no one wants at the Flea Market.

The silence is amazing and I can hear things in the brush near the pond where the deer lie down and hide.

And I know that they are watching me because I can feel them near.

You are wherever you are at

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Balanced and in control of things

Different seasons bring on changes in life

Different seasons bring on changes in life

In everything in life, you are at your own edge.

That’s the spot where you know your limit and cannot go any further. And that is a good thing because stretching yourself too much can bring disharmony into your life. And you will feel this imbalance in your life if you continue down a stressful path.

Mind, body and spirit

In the mind, body and spirit you need to begin seeing those moderation moments that need to be followed.


Where did I leave my happy thoughts?

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 Moving on to  the positive side of living

Like the Peter Pan story, all that you need is to think a happy thought and things get better in life. And there is research on the theory that people who smile more, stay more positive and are optimistic, not only live longer, they are happier people.

When you want to changes something about yourself and  you feel a lot of negative energy inside how do you move that negative energy out of your system?

Memories drifting like a warm breeze

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I feel as if I have a spirit guide that allows me to drift in and out of difficult memories as I meditatively walk each day.

just pots

I try my best to clear my mind of everything and then I see a clear picture of my mom who is a spirit now.

It has been almost six months since her passing and I have many signs from her, and that is why I love to walk in silence.