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How to Raise Kids in a Positive Way!

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Disciplining children, a tough issue with parents:


Everyone wants to have the ideal life and family; filled with love, caring, sharing and kindness.

But life can be difficult. Today the typical family consists of a single parent who may need help on the topic of raising their  children.

There are some hard facts about life, some are subtle nuances of things that people may do differently then we do. Sometimes we see things that we really do not agree with, but controversy is part of life too. There are pros and cons to every  life situation.

>Childhood Disorders

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There has been much news on Childhood disorders, especially Attention Deficit Disorder and  Autism. There is even reason to believe that it is in epidemic proportion in our society today. Here are some researched nutritional guidance for children with autism and Attention Deficit Disorder
Many children respond to an increased intake of Omega -3 Fatty acids, especially DHA; 1-3 g/day. A Gluten free and casein-free diet may also be helpful.
What is a Gluten-free diet?
This diet is  based on the exclusion of gluten; a part of wheat, oats, barley and rye and casein which is the primary protein in milk and dairy products.
Dietary sources of Omega-3  Fatty Acids include fish, especially fatty fish such as sardines in sardine oil, Salmon; Atlantic, Tuna, Lobster.
Taken in part from: Mahan, K. &  Escott-Stump, S. ( 2008) Krause’s Food and Nutrition Therapy.12th Ed .  St. Louis Mo.,.Elsevier