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Confident and Healing Waves of Energy

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Find some confident ways today to move through life with strength, balance, hope and love.

Surround yourself with bright orange colors to enhance your day

Surround yourself with bright orange colors to enhance your day

The moment that you say the word confidence, your shoulders automatically raise as does your head. You are like a great dancer who has to stand straight and tall, even though you are on you toes.
This practice of confidence will bring you to healing waves that energize you for the day. People will begin to notice the difference in your gait and your persona. They will not be able to put their finger on it, but they will notice that you are different.

Staying in the present

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Just a tree?

Just a tree?

And then focus on the right now.
The longer you stay focused on what will happen in the future or the bad things that are happening now or in  the past, the more you stay unhappy, confused and fearful.

Take a look at what is right before your eyes such as the texture of a tree with its swaying branches and rough texture; shading you from the sun and posing for you any time you need to see the beauty of nature.

Childhood Memories Ringing Clear in the New Year

Dec 31st, 2014 Posted in Aging and Health, Being More Positive | no comment »

When I think about Johnnie, I remember that year when I was 15 and he 16. We were both in summer school.

Summertime play with cottontails

Summertime play with cottontails

I was there just to have fun, unlike my sister and Johnnie. I did well in school but had a problem with boredom when my sister had to be in school in the summer.

Mary Anne  had some trouble subjects in school and had to go to summer school almost every year. Johnnie was not sure he cared about anything but having some fun in life.

Who got my good stuff?

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My positive moments need to be turned up a notch

Life as I know it has been difficult and sometimes I feel cheated a bit. Not in everything I do, but sometimes I feel like someone else got my good stuff.

Seeing through my window of time past to my good stuff

Seeing through my window of time past to my good stuff

If you have my good stuff, please give me a little bit of yours because I have had so many difficulties in life that I don’t deserve one more second of  negativity, dread or horror from myself or others in my path.

My internal being needs a new heart center

Moving past

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Finding your way; deciding what to change in life

Most of the time you know when to move on and get going.

Things have to change in life and  you may get stuck in something that is not what you need or want because it seems easier to stay.

This negative rut does not help you because you need some positive moments in your life that keep you feeling well in mind, body and soul. And you can find positive moments  just by picking up a book and reading something inspiring, or finding ways to make some new friends that can give you a different perspective on living life well.