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Stress? Can you be a walking time Bomb?

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Aromatherapy is great! Grow some herbs. The smell of lavender can calm and center you for the day.



Many people do not take care of their mental “selves!” They may eat well, and they may do some exercising, but their mental state is a disaster.

Are you stressed out all of the time to the point of exhaustion? Do you suffer from intense stress that can affect your health? Did you ever think that you were having a heart attack, but it turned out to be a panic attack? Do you have a lot of accidents such as falls or  bad things happening to you all the time??

An Apple a day changes everything!

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Like a butterfiy, we evolve and change in many ways to become beautiful. You can make the needed changes in your life to be healthier in mind, body and spirit.



There are so many sayings about good health. Are they true? I believe they are.

For example, I believe in the benefits of apple eating! It is the perfect fruit, packed with vitamins and minerals, along with its fiberous juicy and crunchy pulp!

Another saying: ” You are what you eat.”

What is the Best Healthy Living Plan?

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Sometimes you just need to do something consistently that helps you in mind, body and spirit. My passion is bike riding. It really helps to center me for the day.

I find myself trying out new things that are healthy to see if they fit. For a successful health goal, whatever you do needs to fit into you! You need to plan and develop it yourself so that you can tweak it up to make it good for you.

Therefore, the best health plan for your life is one that you can live with.

The Sugar-holic

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You are what you eat!


The Question? Does eating too much sugar cause diabetes?

For those who eat a sugar laced diet, there may be a connection. People who live on junk-food do have an overproduction of insulin, especially the sugar-holics.  Blood sugar does keep on rising as one keeps on ingesting carbohydrates!

obesity , just as alcohol addiction can be genetic.  Emotional symptoms such as binging on sugar can be a result of a shortage of vitamins and minerals. Therefore people who live on sugary foods, or junk foods consisting of high carbohydrates such as french fries and burgers can be setting themselves up for diabetes.

Slowing down

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Orange flowers make me feel energized! They pick you up on a down day. Find some sunshine in your life.

Is there more to do with life?

I keep thinking that there must be more to do with my life. I am getting older and beginning to struggle with what I have not completed in life instead of just enjoying myself.

I have friends who no longer work, and I still do. I even have a job that is hard enough to keep me complaining about it. I have been told that a more mindless job would help, but I tried a few and it did not.