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“I thought it was going to be so very much fun when I retired. I was waiting for my husband to join me and then he decided to go his own way, leaving me alone to figure it out.”

Going fishing?

Going fishing?


After it is over, the long time spent at your career in life, there you are trying to figure things out just like you were a teenager trying to decide on a relationship, job or career, you just do not know what to do.



Childhood Memories Ringing Clear in the New Year

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When I think about Johnnie, I remember that year when I was 15 and he 16. We were both in summer school.

Summertime play with cottontails

Summertime play with cottontails

I was there just to have fun, unlike my sister and Johnnie. I did well in school but had a problem with boredom when my sister had to be in school in the summer.

Mary Anne  had some trouble subjects in school and had to go to summer school almost every year. Johnnie was not sure he cared about anything but having some fun in life.

Cherish Getting Older

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Cherish getting older, some people don’t get the honor

Where are you going on your path toward the older years?

Where are you going on your path toward the older years?

Today while sitting at a restaurant with an old friend we talked about how everyone in the restaurant really looked older than usual.

Of course it was the middle of the day; the children are at school, and any adults are at work. But the restaurant was filled with older adults, no one under 60. Even the waitresses and cooks were all in their older years.

Then we saw an old friend walk by us; he was a minister who had retired a few years ago.

Loving, Healing Ways

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Loving Ways

At the water's edge with a blue sky and a smile

At the water’s edge with a blue sky and a smile

I would like to believe that I have loving ways toward myself and others. And when I need some healthy, healing ways, I visualize beauty.

Beauty is everywhere, especially in nature. Picture beautiful  waves flowing softly across your body, touching you.

Plan time to look at pictures that are beautiful to you, and go to places that help you to feel calm, focused and in touch with yourself.


Find places in your heart where you can just be soft and quiet.

Listening To Your Inner Voice

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What is it that you really need?

I need peaceful exploration of life

I need peaceful exploration of life

What is it that you need to stay healthy and well throughout your life?

Go with how you feel

When it comes to what you really need in life, you should listen very carefully to yourself. Your first instinct is usually correct when you have a decision to make.
That little voice that feels uncomfortable at times is trying to tell you something. When you have a strong feeling that something just is not right, you should listen.
And when you have strong feeling of confidence, plunge ahead with great speed toward whatever it may be. Your inner voice is a good friend.