Open hearts

Reach out and find your way.

Is there a reason to change and become better for yourself?
Is there a way to open your heart to new things in life without getting hurt one more time?
“It takes time to open your heart again to making those changes you need to make in order to move on in life, said Gloria. Those changes that you want to make will slowly transform you into the whole person you want and need to be.” Gloria had many ideas for change that she encouraged others to  make before her death a few years ago, and  she spoke about them and encouraged others to try their best to find an open heart who needs mending just like yours because it takes many souls gathered together to make things whole again.

Seek out clarity by taking changes on things in life; finding that challenges are good.

Listen to your heart center when you need answers to the many questions you have about life; gathering your thoughts, writing them down so that you can go back to them when you need to.


Be like a tree and reach out to others with your many branches of life so that you can give and also receive the many benefits of friendship and love.


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