Time for Fun

You have time right now to be gazing at the fresh blooms of spring and summer

Yes, you finally have the time.







You say that you do not have time for fun, but you really do.

You say that you will wait until tomorrow but tomorrow is here right in this moment.

You have time to be doing everything you want and need.
You should stop waiting for special times to carry you on through life because those times are not going to be there as expected.
Time is right now in this moment where you decide what to do. Those things that you always wanted to do need to be set in time so that you do not lose where you want to be.

Take that long walk on the beach in Florida.

Wander around your own back yard to a place that is nice to visit; parking your car and walking down a wooded path in a park.

Do something with a friend that you have never done before so that those memories you recall later on will bring on a smile.

Find some happiness in life before you can only dream.

Sit down by that large oak tree and take a deep and long breath of life.

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  1. doris says:

    Say to yourself. “I will find the time to be good to myself and do the things I have dreamed of.”

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