The way things were

Markers along your trail of life

Markers along your trail of life



As you grow older there are many things to look back on.
Some of those adventures are as clear as day. At the time you may have not valued those moments but now looking back, they were important.

“Everything is different now,” said Sasha as she took a long walk to clear her mind of the present moments which seem overwhelming at times.
Those soft times of the past where you could just breathe in and out loving moments are gone. “Now there are hard times, decision times and rough around the edges times,” said Dee with a chuckle.
But are things really different than the way it used to be?
Are past moments really better?
I do not think the past or future is better, it just is.
I believe that you have to move on, nothing in life is flawless. Everything has its time in life, and then it is over.
And when things are over, let them be that way instead of struggling to capture things that are no longer yours.

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