The sun rises each day in colors of grays, pinks, oranges and blues

The sun rises each day in colors of grays, pinks, oranges and blues

Dee found that listening to the silence was a way to meditate daily; phone shut off, no TV blaring, but soft music in the background finding its way into the deep and soft waves of energy that comes when you are still and silent.

Stillness Comes

Listen to the rain softly dropping  down to the ground; hearing splashing noises as cars pass by sprinkling blue waters that shine and reflect  in the sunshine, between the rain drops.
The birds listen and know when the rain is slowing down;finding softness but not silence as they chirp sweet sounds  into the silent waves of cleansing raindrops.

Peaceful ways
Shake off those negative thoughts that you may be listening to and find some peace today in this moment of easy breathing.

Find all the positive you can in this moment. You may feel that you do not have many things in life right now to be positive about, but you do. Your mind, body and especially your soul will tell you if you would just listen.

Tell others how important the silence is to start and end your day with a softness and new way.

Know that there is always yin and yang. The good and the bad both are here with you as you ride through the darkness into the light of day.

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