We all surround ourselves with others who make us complete

We all surround ourselves with others who make us complete

I am truly grateful for everyone who has come into my life.
The anger is gone replace by a peace and stillness forever; lying  in the past, tucked into a place of silence and clear as blue clarity running through it every so often to make sure that I feel good.




No more thoughts of how it could have been; this is my time right here seeing myself clearly.
And every single moment I have on this earth; good or bad was a moment that brought me right to this place with you.
“Do you feel gratitude for your life?” said Dee as she spoke to Richard, walking down the street at a strenuous and fast pace; clearing the mind of those difficulties if only for a moment.
Have a moment right now where you think of everyone you ever met and the meaning for those times. And if they are lessons on love, answered questions or someone you fall deeply in love with; this is your life and the many possibilities that ride in and out like a pendulum swinging causing both good and bad happenings.

And you become so good at embracing it all; finding that everything has contributed to the whole being of life.

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