You Cannot Have Too Many Friends

Jason said to Dee, ” Life has been good to me. I can talk about my past with a smile. Things in life happen, good and bad but you cannot have too many friends. Friends are so important to life; caressing your soul with their words and deeds. ”

Dee said with a smile, “So very glad that I met you Jason.

You bring sunshine into a rainy day with your stories that make me smile.”

Look at life with a stillness and see the softness of blue

Look at life with a stillness and see the softness of blue

Keep meeting new people to brighten your day with sunshine that they bring into your life.
Keep on helping that person who has brought a new look into your current situation; guiding you toward a place that is balanced and centered for once.
Love everything about what has gone on in your life because even the bad things can be lessons to learn well.



Be very still and listen to the sounds of silent waves as they pass along, bringing a wonder to your being.

Find people to share stories with; stopping the endless searching because they are right in front of you.

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