Capture some color day and send its energy through you to others in a positive breath

Capture some color today and send its energy through you to others in a positive breath



It is good to believe in magical happenings because they keep you in a positive mode of life that transforms into colorful scenes of soft and gentle breaths.


As you breathe in the color pink and blue you can see that sunset lowering its rays to kiss the sky.
As you center yourself to know how important dreams are to your soul, you are thankful that you can dream in color; seeing the softness of yellows in the petals of flowers, hearing the flapping of the wings of that white and gray gull as it gently taps the lake, rippling the still water, lowering himself to sit for a moment.

Are dreams your reality or is reality just another dream?
You ask yourself this question as magic, reality and dreams mix together, finding you a special person to tell of the beauty of life to. And he smiles as you balance yourself on that large tree branch in the woods that rolls slightly almost throwing you off. You catch yourself as you look down to see shiny blue and green pieces of glass that sparkle in the sun.

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