Believe it or not stories

windmills spin circling stories around for everyone to think about

windmills spin circling stories around for everyone to think about


I am a storyteller; loving life writing about both sad and happy times in my life. Some of my writings are total fiction, some have a little of me in them and some of my stories are completely confabulated in my mind.

I do not know completely why I write but it helps me to settle things down in my soul.
If you read what I write it may help you or it may not because you have to take what I say and personalize it to fit you.





Some people seem to take everything personally and  do believe everything I say.

Some people do not believe anything I say! And the middle people smile.

Everyone wants to find out why things seem to go badly for them but if they really looked inside of themselves they would see all the good that is there too.
Promise yourself today that you will stop taking everything you read and think it is all about you because most authors just love to write, just like you may love to read, drive a convertible or sing a happy song.

Believe it or not life is about everyone; everything; the good, bad and ugly things just happen. You cannot control them, try to figure them out, they just happen.


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